Your Work Should Be Home Away From Home

Your home is truly what matters, it is your safe space where you feel at peace, relaxed and yourself. Then there’s work, where you spend most of your day at. The truth is, despite all your efforts to make your home as comfortable as you possibly can, you spend most your time at work. So, everything should be in order to make your job easier and to minimize any unnecessary stress that takes up your time.

Where you are set up is as crucial to the business as its employees. Unnecessary setbacks such as faulty Wi-Fi, bad security, electricity shortages, and misplaced mail can cost small business a hefty amount. Investing in a properly serviced office space that is within the rental budget will make everyone’s jobs that much easier. Having everything in working order will shave off the time it takes to fumble around to find a solution. Small details such as making sure the area is cleaned, the bins are empty, employee snacks and a fresh coffee brewing will increase productivity. Having a functioning Wi-Fi and office supplies will also decrease the chances of any excuses for inefficiency by slackers as well.

Organization creates a system. Having a properly stocked and coded supply cupboard and pantry will keep everyone happy. Believe it or not water bottles, biscuits, coffee, milk and sugar are as important as fresh paper for the copy machine. Have online checklists that need to be updated when taking office supplies, that way anything that needs restocking will be sorted before there is an emergency and lack thereof. The employees too need to stay happy through a work day. Make a point to ask them about anything they feel should be added or altered in terms of what they need in the office, be it a new brand of herbal tea or a more efficient printer.

Keep the space as small or large as you feel is fit for the permanent employees. Don’t cram all the employees into a tight space in hopes of cost cutting. Space out desks so that each person has breathing space and decrease irritability. Don’t bite more than you can chew off either! There’s no point in renting a space large enough for a village when it’s a team of 20 people. For any large-scale conferences or gatherings with other businesses you can always find meeting rooms for hire instead of making a dent in the profits by spending most of it on the office rent. Work is something we all have to do. Making it as trouble free as possible will make every boss and employee all the happier at the end of the day. There should be a good balance of a focused, determined attitude and a relaxed space to get work done.