The Combination That Never Grows Old

Just like hot chocolate is always associated with a cold winter’s day or ices tea on a hot sunny afternoon, a beer is always spoken of in combination with sports and sporting events. How often is it that we see people getting comfortable in front of their television sets on a Sunday afternoon with a bunch of friends and a six pack in front of them? This especially holds true when talking of the male population and not so much the females. It’s almost considered an essential aspect of watching sports, and actually enjoying every moment of the game. And the story within the stadium is whole other ball game to be spoken of. Go here   for more information about brewery craft beer

The story of the stadium

Who are the people who are on top of the world when the season of sport is fast approaching? The fans of course, but there is also another individual out there thanking his stars. It’s none other than the local craft beer distributor, who knows that his sales are going to skyrocket and be at an all-time high compared to the rest of the year. Because sports is something that pulls the crowds in and along with it increases the sale of alcoholic drinks especially beer. Research has proven that people don’t simply like to drink at sporting events they love to drink at these events. It’s almost considered a tradition to be followed. There are some people out there who go to watch the sport but there also the kind of people who enter the stadium because they can freely drink away to their hearts content.

It’s almost like fans consider a sporting event to be beer events and deliver good brews. Because there is a sport within the sport at the stadium all the time. With people competing with each other about how fast one can finish a drink or how many drinks one can tolerate and so on. Research has gone on to prove that more than eight percent of the fans leaving the stadium after a game had blood alcohol concentrations way above the legal limit. And it has also proved that although forty two percent of people drink during a sports event if you are under the age of thirty five then you’re nine times more likely to leave the game in a state of complete drunkenness. For a regular NFL game this amounts to almost five thousand people leaving the stadium who are legally drunk.

This comes as a shocking revelation to many. But wasn’t it always obvious that people love to have a drink while at a game or watching one. Although results will vary with the city and sport there should be much of a difference in the outcomes.