Lighten Your Spring Cleaning Tasks

Every home needs comprehensive clean up and maintenance to be done once or twice a year. These are akin to spring cleaning tasks that most homes in temperate climate perform after a long winter. These are usually requirements besides the daily cleaning tasks that every home has. Spring cleaning usually involves extensive chores such as cleaning of tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, patio or yard areas, cleaning of gutters and pipelines, bed mattresses and furnishings and so forth. Here are some ways you can get external help to lighten your load.

Get comprehensive cleaning services

While hired help can be expensive when you take on such services daily, getting a comprehensive cleaning service once in a while for your home can help to get extensive cleaning done with good results. There are domestic helpers agency Hong Kong services that send across experienced workers or teams of personnel who can clean, scrub and vacuum your home and leave it looking as good as new. While you might struggle for hours vacuuming large sofas and carpeted areas as well as scrubbing grime off tiled surfaces, experienced workers come with specialized cleaning tools and equipment as well as come in teams to get the cleaning done in a jiffy. Often agencies take on multiple assignments in a day and they send across experienced personnel who can handle client homes and varied cleaning tasks within a short time span.

Specify the task you need to get done

Even though there are standard cleaning tasks that are offered by domestic helpers from Indonesia agencies, you can seek customized services as well. All you need to do is specify the tasks you need help with. That could comprise of cleaning roof, floors or cleaning of water tanks; you might need plumbing assistance as well as cleaning of the septic tank and water lines in your home. Usually agencies have handymen who can assist in such tasks. At the same time, if you need nanny service that too can be provided as per your requirement. The rates vary as per the kind of expertise and frequency of service you are looking for.

Get contractual service

If you have tasks that need to be done periodically, many agencies also offer contractual services. Hence, if you need comprehensive cleaning of home premises every two months, you might ask for a contractual rate that would be fixed for the year. That would guarantee you service as and when you need it at a fixed rate. It also helps you find an agency whose personnel are reliable and you could seek help and assistance from them with peace of mind.