How To Deal With A Broken Window At Home?

At some point in our lives we might have come across a broken window or you might have even broken a window accidentally at home. As a child, we do not tend to think about fixing such damage but once we are all grown up the question of how to fix broken windows pops in to our mind. As we become more and more responsible we tend to learn about everyday things like repairing such broken things around our house. When it comes to a window there could be various ways of damaging a window, liking breaking or cracking the glass, or breaking / damaging the window pane. There are solutions that could put an end to your worry about how to fix such problems, this guide will help you out there.

See if it’s a minor issue

Trying to see if the problem you are facing is minor or not will make you get a more clear idea about if you are able to fix It or if a glass replacement is necessary. Some people tend to replace windows every time they face a small accident when the window could have easily been fixed at home itself. See if the window pane is cracked or if the glass is actually broken leaving huge gaps. The next step is trying to find out what you can do about it.

Call the glazier

If the issue at hand is entirely too large for you to handle all alone and you have no idea how to do the window repair in Gold Coast, or if it needs complete replacement call a glazier you know to come and take a look at your window. When hiring a glazier make sure you look for one who is known for his good quality work because then the chance of having to replace that window or the need to redo the window again and again would not happen. Hiring a glazier who does poor quality work will make you lose your money for unnecessary things.

Try to fix at home

If you are sure of your abilities to handle a broken window you can try this at home. If your window is broken in multiple places, try to hit it with a hammer and break the rest of the glass. Then try to measure the window size to get a window pane of the correct size as well, this is important. Once you get the pane lift it up and place it with the edges and apply glaziers’ compound on all the edges to keep it in place. Keep in mind to only do this if you are comfortable with it.