Appropriate Corporate Décor For The Modern Business Person

If you have never decorated a corporate space before, you are in luck. There are some simple guidelines to follow that will not only make the place look attractive but will also make the place quite photogenic, making sure that in the event of a sale, you will have a very sleek and sooth interior.

Corporate Colours

While there is no rule book to follow here, one of the conventions of corporate decor is that the office space rental or otherwise, should follow the corporate colour theme. This is not a problem as long as those colours are blue, red, grey, white and other sober, monochromatic solids. But the moment that a new company comes up with colours like green and yellow, the décor becomes a problem. One solution is to use variants of the corporate colours. For instance, if the theme is yellow and green and the constitution states that it should be ‘canary’ yellow or something, then simply announce that you will do a creative expression and find a colour that works with the main cast. Try ochre instead of canary yellow.

Corporate Furniture

This largely depends on what kind of comfortable office space it is. If you deal with clients, then the furniture should be comfortable and straightforward and not too cloying. For instances, the chairs in front of the workers’ desks should be cushioned for comfort, but straight-backed as this will discourage any ‘client’ who is only there to waste time. If the place only deals with corporates and have no visiting clients, the interior can be much more informal, with comfy couches and even a hammock. Some of the more informal ones even have napping pods installed.

Special Accents

This is not relevant to the casual places that decide to decorate with basketball hoops. This is for the chic ones that use corporate colours on much everything and therefore might appear a little stagnant and monotonous. Instead, you can use normal furniture and then accessorize with an accent like a bright, colourful vase of flowers. Or you can lay wall-to-wall carpeting in a boring corporate colour and then have colourful door signs. In each case, it’s more about fitting into the now and making some changes along with everyone else in the last year.

General Ambience

This does not necessarily have to do with ‘decoration’ but it sets the tone for the rest of the building. Therefore, it is imperative that you decide what kind of mood and temperament you want to have. Playing background music will help pass time within the building, especially if the music is played via the radio because the ups and downs inherent in a radio DJ actually set the mood. If you want, you can even play something pumped up in the mornings to get everybody going.